Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

Paw Prints

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

There are a lot of new things that have gone on in and with the Dandy Dawgs Crew since Paw Prints have last seen from us! Losses and gains.

Loosing Sage was the hardest for me but that is the way with our wonderful furbie friends, they just do not live as long a life as we humans do.

Puck is the newest member of the family and will be Blue’s successor as my personal Service Dog. He is up to 11 years old now and still works beautifully for me but doesn’t enjoy classes much anymore.

Dandy Dawgs grows as does Andy both with knowledge and mostly the knowledge of how little I really know!!! Gray hair as well!!!

I constantly learn more about the amazing species, Canine. They continue as my best teachers and closest friends.

I currently have a foster dog, Dash, that I got from YHS because he was a ferrel dog. It took Yavapai Humane Trappers months to catch him. We are doing a lot of rehabilitating and he is a work in progress. Wonderful little guy with a great disposition. Will I end up keeping him????

Woofs to all of us!! AND from all of us!!!

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Finally a happy note! Andy is fostering again! ! The Crew plus One: meet Meesha!

She is about a year old as of August 2013. She came with food aggression which seems to be well under control or extinct. She has issues with recall that are simply a fear of capture. She wants to come but has learned coming means capture or doing something she associates with unpleasantness. I do not see any signs of abuse. Her pads were ‘baby butt’ soft and she has the callouses of a dog kenneled a lot. She is being highly socialized in all numbers of environments.

I know, my students are taking bets that Andy will be writing UAF a check for adoption soon but an active focused person, willing to follow through with training who has 4 dogs less than I do would at least be a place I would start to consider

Do you think I will keep her as a new member of The Crew? Check in a few months for an update!

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Well-ll, I did not wish to write about loss again but here it is upon the Dandy Dawgs household. Old Dusty Brown Dog left on May 14th 2013 at 14 years old. He was technically my son’s dog but complications brought him back home several years ago. He was quite a character. Dust spent many a summer hiking and camping with Molly, Lacey and Anna. And yes, he is missed…deeply. With his passing, it seems as though an ‘era’ has passed.

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Wow, lots of losses in 2011!

Two dear friends died and two of my cherished dog pals died.

Well, I most certainly need to add to this page some contents other than loss. Yet with life comes death. With joy comes sorrow and through sorrow joy is reborn again.

On October 16, 2011 my cherished little mother passed away at 99 years old. I was the light of her life. I doubt I am the light of anyone’s life other than perhaps Larry and Missy’s. I cannot dare hope I may be Sage’s and though I know Peg is endlessly devoted to me, I suspect I am neither she or Blue’s ultimate light.

Mama would laugh as she always did at my dog comparisons, “Oh Andy, honestly! You and your dogs.”

“Little Mama, I miss you and thank you for all the love for all the years. Your support of all my endeavors strengthens me yet. Thank you my friend and my mama. I love you.

Anna left this life most unexpectedly with cancer which swept through her quickly leaving me devastated for months. I expected Lacey to go but she hung on until June and left most peacefully.

My original training team is gone now and new friends have stepped up to succeed them. The Dandy Dawgs Crew is now that of Sage, Larry, Little Missy, Peggy Sue and Blue Dog.

Yep! I brought Blue home from the Dandy Dawgs Spay/Neuter Walk this year. He and Peggy think they are love mates. Sadness in the Dandy Dawgs household is blessed with the abundant joy new furry pals bring.

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Until now, I haven’t been able to mention a word on this website about my soul mate dog Molly’s death. She left on July 11 of 2009 at nearly sixteen years old. I could hardly breathe for days, perhaps months. She was huge, simply huge. She is Soft Sunshine, Loyal Oak, Mountain Stream, Inspiring Peak, Fresh Rain, Clear Breath, Soaring Eagle. She is Molly Benea, my one true thing.

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Fostering again! In October, I was asked to evaluate a little Australian Cattle Dog who was either really messed up or seriously depressed. I heard myself say I would foster her under Dandy Dawgs 9 Lives for Canines. I actually stunned myself by doing so! It is now February and she has not been posted for adoption. Hum-m… We have done a lot of rehab and her devotion to me melts me like butter. I call her Peg, short for Peggy Sue. Sage, Larry and now Peg? Well, three failed fosters out of many isn’t too bad, Right? (Failing fostering is when we fosters keep our foster dogs.) Anyone want to take bets on where she lives out her life?

April 2010 update: For those of you who were taking bets, she will grow old here with The Dandy Dawgs Crew, right along with me! I ADORE HER! She is great when I work with dog assertive dogs, fun and always playful though a bit bossy as any ACD lover knows about. We still have to watch that a bit and she can regress easily when stressed by my dear well meaning ever patient vet.

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Here is the Dandy Dawgs Crew February 2010. Sage, Larry, Anna on the rock, Lacey, Dusty and Peg below. Dusty, my son’s dog came to live with Granma in August. He is 11 this year and was quite ill with thyroid and other issues. He is doing great now, hiking with The Crew and being a Good Ole’ Boy. Lacey will be 14 this year and is beginning to show signs of achiness. Bless her heart. She is such an angel.

May 2010 update: Look closely at the second picture. Yep, you are seeing a mini in the middle there. That is Missy Mi and she is joining The Crew too! A dear client had to give up his little girl and hoped I would keep her. As you can see, she is a tough little monkey and does just fine with the bigs. I think the Dandy Dawgs Crew needs a little to show little dog owners what littles are really made of, don't you? Missy Mi says she thinks so!

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Winter is a great time for us hikers. Our dogs love the snow. What is it about dogs and snow? They turn into absolute maniacs plowing through the white stuff. Keep an eye on their paws, ice can cut them. I am pretty reckless with my crew, as we all have so much fun. We venture places we would never go when the little crawly critters with rattles are lazing about. Just be careful out there in them-thar-woods if you are wild wood goofs like us!

Dog Training Prescott - Paw Prints

Speaking of snakes — 2009 was the first year I had my dogs vaccinated for snake bite. The vaccine came out a few years ago. Since then, stats show dogs bitten have a longer time to reach care, their recovery is often faster and in many cases they need less antivenin.

Speak to your vet if your dog is at high risk for snake bite. This is a yearly vaccine and it is advisable to get the vaccine late winter or early spring to ensure they have full protection during peak rattlesnake season.

Their first year will require one shot then four weeks later a booster. Each year thereafter requires just one shot. So, shoot those dogs who may be at risk!

The Mojave, Coral and Cottonmouth bites do not have significant protection from the vaccine. This is where a good solid LEAVE IT and COME command could save your dog’s life and you a huge vet bill! I have had to use them more than once!

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