Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

Puppy Basics

Puppy and Primary Basics - Dog Training Prescott

Puppy Basics

Six Weeks of Behavioral Focus, Developmental Stages, Puppy Play, Training and Fun 

Advanced from Puppy Primary


Dandy Dawgs offers a fun class for pups and their people.

Before our pups can fit nicely in a human world they need to learn basic manners and obedience and you need to learn how to help them!

  • SIT
  • DOWN
  • STAY
  • WAIT
  • COME

We make it fun, active and diversified working neighborhoods, streets and graduating downtown Prescott. You and your pup can enjoy the delights good manners and basic obedience bring into your lives. The sessions are designed for the ages of dogs attending and begin at 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 months.

After first series of shots are complete or clearance from veterinarian.

UAF-RAG-Circle L-LuckyClub adoptees receive a $5 discount-no charge to same fosters.



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Dog Training Solutions

  • Fun training for people and dogs
  • Innovative methods of teaching
  • Techniques designed through
    years of training rescue dogs
  • Positive reward based training
  • Non-traditional approach
  • Basic Obedience Classes
  • Behavior Solutions
  • Training without prong collars
    or choke chains
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