Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

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Dandy Dawgs offers two to three week training packages for those of you wishing to have your dog professionally trained. Dogs must fit temperamentally into Dandy Dawgs household of dogs. The level of previous training will determine the fee.

Individualized packages may be designed if your dog is already established in training and only specifics want to be focused on. This is essentially a full Basics to the Streets program polished and refined needing only your consistent commitment and maintenance.

  • Your dog will learn all the basics including intense social training and exposure to many diversified environments.
  • Basic behavior requests will be learned in all those environments.
  • You receive regular updates with pictures of your dog’s progress, a journal of your dogs visit, back up consultations and one to two private sessions depending on training package.
  • Training equipment to be used such as gentle leaders, easy walk harnesses, special leads or collars will be discussed and suggested for continued use.
  • You will be required to furnish your dog’s specific food.
  • Dandy Dawgs will furnish training treats.
  • Your pup will live directly with The Dandy Dawgs Crew as part of the family.
  • All dogs must be evaluated for their ability to blend with the Dandy Dawgs Crew.

Professional training is only as sustainable as your own efforts of time, focus and consistency.

If you do not make a sincere commitment to follow through with regular socializing, daily practice sessions and the designed program, do not expect maintained results.

Even though private sessions are given Dandy Dawgs strongly urges you to follow through with a Basics to the Streets Class to insure your ability to continually represent yourself well to your newly trained dog. In some circumstances, an Advanced Level I may be recommended.

People and dogs can only reap the rewards from a program like this if the "people" part of the equation is 100% on paw with follow through OR you just have a wonderfully trained dog who does wonderful things for the trainer!


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