Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

Bike Dawgs

Bike Dawgs - Dog Training Prescott

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Two half day workshops

This is an advanced class and requires your dogs to have successfully completed the Basics to the Streets Class. The Advanced Class I is strongly recommended. If you have not attended these classes within a year, you and your dog will need to be evaluated for focus and ability.

  • Your dogs must be practiced on commands such as wait-stop-close-heal-leave it-here.
  • One Dining with Canines is offered at the graduation class.
  • You with your dog will learn how to manage the skills of bicycle riding together.
  • You will ride together in different settings.
  • A waist lead system is used in this class.
  • Your dogs will learn high level attentiveness to your requests while ignoring distractions.
  • You will both enhance your focusing skills
  • Learning this will further develop the growing bond and trust between the two of you.
  • During classes, your four legged bike partners will have the opportunity to brush up on their basic behavior requests, stairs, elevators, entry/exit, etc.


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