Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

Advanced Level II

Advanced Level II - Dog Training Prescott

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6 week class

Included with Service Dog membership.

Advanced II is taking you and your canine pal toward a deeper bond via additional focusing than you learned from the Advanced Basic class.

Be certain you are profiecient on the Advanced Level I Agenda:

Walking Watch—Loose Leash Hands Free Walking

Sit-Down-Stand-Stay while you move away and out of sight from your dog

Backing up a few steps – Recall --- Leave It when food is dropped --- Pass

Walking easily on a narrow platform or planter type surface- balance.

Lay at your feet or under table properly while at bench or table- ‘tabling or under'

In this class

You will work at greater distances from your dog

You will learn Tap Touch

You will advance your Pass command

Your dog will learn to hold and pick up items and bring them to you

You will advance to more proficient loose lead walking

Your dog will learn several drop downs from a distance then ‘swing around or finish’ to a heel and walk backward with you

You will learn to switch your dog from side to side on command

Hold-Keep it-Bring-Drop-Place-Place Rear


Are a few of the terms you will learn to work with readily

Basics to the Streets and Advanced Basics are prerequisites for this class

This class is part of the initial Dandy Dawgs Service Dog Program admission

You do not need to be training a Service Dog to join.

PLEASE come join us for this fun diversified class!

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