Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona
Dandy Dawgs, Prescott, Arizona

Advanced Basics

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6 week class

This class will give you and your dog an opportunity to take Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It and all the Dandy Dawgs skills he knows to a new and higher level.

You will have the opportunity to help your dog give all behavior requests from a distance, out of your sight and in awkward situations.

You will both expand your confidence and skills through various exercises.

This class meets in 6 diversified environments!

Make certain you are up to your Basics to the Streets graduation skills!

You will expand your Sit and Down Stays.

You will learn Stand, Back, Come Round or Spin Round to Heel.

You will work with and around distractions at a higher level.

Loose Leash Hands Free Walking, Walking Watch, Balancing, Stand, Back, Under, Longer Recall, Dining, Higher Public Skills are a few of the exercises you and your dog will expand upon.

This will offer you and your dog a great variety of fun and experience!

Basics to the Streets and Advanced are prerequisites for the Dandy Dawgs Service Dog Program.


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