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The Dandy Dawgs Crew
January 2010 Newsletter Photo Gallery
Dandy Dawgs January 2010 Newsletter

Hey Dawgers!  Welcome to 2010! Dandy Dawgs plans to offer you a great fun year full of all number of events, workshops, classes and fun doggie times.

The fist event will be the
Developmental Stages Workshop on January 9th at 2:30 p.m.  We will discuss the stages dogs grow through from birth to geriatrics.  We will chat about breed particulars and training tips for each stage.  This is the first class of my Puppy/Primary Basics Class but is open to anyone else who wishes to attend for a fee of $15, $10 if you have previously been in or are in any of the Dandy Dawgs programs.  This will help you immeasurably as your pooches grow throughout their lives!

Then on
February 13th from 10 to 2:30 Dandy Dawgs is sponsoring a Pet CPR and First Aid Class with instructor Laura Harter for a fee of $49 if registered by Feb. 9th and $59 if after that date. This is a wonderful and worthwhile opportunity.  Laura Harter is a fantastic instructor and will present a very informative class.  Something we can use the rest of our Pet Loving Lives!!!  Check out her website  .  As pet owners we will learn much more than I can share with you in our classes together and the potential vet bills we could save is priceless. 

Look for Dandy Dawgs at the
United Animal Friends Woof Down Lunch on the Courthouse Square this May 22.

The Spring Spay/Neuter Dog Walk will happen in May or June again this year.  It will be even more fun than last year as I plan to have a few cool vendors there and other Fun Dandy Dawgs Surprises!  Last year we grossed over $700 of which proceeds were donated to United Animal Friends and The Lucky Club’s spay/neuter funds.  Prescott Dog Magazine and Streets of New York sponsored this great event with me and will do so this year.  MANY THANKS TO THEM FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT!

Spay and Neuter remains my strong passion and focus for all my fundraising events.  Too many pooches come into this world only to meet unhappy lives and saddening ends.

Dandy Dawgs will be at
Dogtoberfest this October with Prescott Dog again this year.  This is a FABULOUS and fun adoption event, be sure to attend!

In the fall we have our
Fun Fall Fundraiser.  This year it brought to United Animal Friends several hundred dollars, again the generous support of Streets of New York made this possible.  We had MaryAnn Yanez doing GREAT caricatures for us, yummy pizza, drawings and loads of laughter.  Look for it to be even more fun this fall!

I am presently working on a fundraising scheme for dinner and music, two GREAT bands and three hours of fun and music.  No doggies at this event.  You will see from me on this later and I hope you will join in for a GREAT cause and lots of fun!

All through the year, I commit to keep the Dandy Dawgs classes and programs at an above average standard, informative, rewarding and fun for people and their pooches!  
You are who motivate me.  You are the lifelines to the canines I love so much.  THANK YOU!

Remember to pick up a Prescott Dog Magazine and look for my training articles each issue, Andy Lloyd and all the other great info and fun stories it holds for you.  Some training articles to look for this year are Housebreaking, Come Fido Come, Crate Training, The Little/Big Syndrome (I did a previous one on this and will do another), It’s Feeding Time and other informative Tid-Bits.  Check out the Prescott Dog web site at  

As some of you know, in October I took on a foster dog under the umbrella of my 9 Lives for Canines rescue tag.  Peggy Sue is a pure breed Stumpy Tailed Heeler, aka:  Queensland Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog.  She entered 9 Lives for Canines as a very depressed little herding dog and has proven true to her industrious breed and is ADORABLE.  All bets are off as if I really adopt her out.  Like I need six dogs!!!  However, she is technically still up for adoption, though I have yet to list her.  She still has some behavioral quirks which make me VERY protective of her.  She is an amazing little hiker and, well…I won’t go on.

Dandy Dawgs welcomes any questions and inquiries and
we wish you and your pooches a wonderfully healthy, joyous and of course…obedient… year!

Thank you,
Much love and slobbers from Andy Lloyd and the DandyDawgs Crew
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based training techniques, obedience classes and special canine events.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based dog training techniques, dog obedience classes, special canine events, spay and neuter education and information, innovative problem dog behavior solutions, private and group dog training classes, along with lots of fun things to do for people and their canine companions in the beautiful Prescott, Arizona area. Call or email Andy today for more information and to arrange your free consultation!
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